IMG-3814When you thinking about a charter a boat in Croatia and you're planning your sailing trip in Croatia it is good to know that you have different periods in a sailing season where prices of charter vary due to the special offers and extra discounts and that the charter week in Croatia lasts for 7 days with possibilities for short-term charter week.

So let's begin with the charter week in Croatia.


Usual charter week lasts 7 days, from Saturday till next Saturday. Usual time of embarkment is in the late afternoon at about 5 PM. The reason is simple, the requested boat was in the charter for the past week and now it requires cleaning, preparation, engine and electricity check out. When everything is done you're ready to begin your sailing holiday. 



Short term charter is the charter with a duration of less than 7 days, 3 or 4 days. It is only possible in pre-charter-season which is April/May and in the late September and October. During the peek of the charter season in Croatia, you will probably pay the full price for the whole charter week. 

Let's get back to the discounts.

The most usual discounts are ones for the First or Early booking and Last minute discounts. The boat price is the biggest criteria for your reason to charter the exact boat.

The most popular discount is an Early booking discount or a First minute discount. Early booking discounts apply for all charter bookings till the last day of the month of January. By choosing the Early booking you can save up to 25% off the charter price. And the great thing about early booking is that most of the boats are still available in charter for the next season so you will have the opportunity to send us inquiry or charter request and charter the exact boat that you wish, of course with a good discount.


The Last-minute discount for charter in Croatia is related to all bookings that are made 7 to 14 days before your possible charter week. Last minute discounts are bigger and might be up to 35% off the regular charter price. You might wait for the Last minute discount to book the boat but the offer of the available boats is smaller and usually, only the older boats stay available and catamarans are hard to find, almost impossible.


If you want to charter a boat in Croatia with a good offer, don't hesitate to send us a charter inquiry. 

We will gladly do our best to find a very special offer for you.