1. WHICH CHARTER WEEK - know which period you are planning for sailing vacation - which week you have booked in your schedule for sailing and you have to know that the rental price of a boat depends on whether it is a pre-season, season or postseason. Of course, prices are highest in the season, which includes the middle of the June till the middle of the August


2. CHARTER WEEK LAST 7 DAYS - know that the charter week in Croatia lasts from Saturday to Saturday - which means that you can board on a Saturday afternoon, at 5 PM, and you have to return the boat on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, usually up to 9AM. It is possible to book a boat for a short-term charter but it is usually possible only till May and after September, when the charter season comes to its end.


3. WHAT TYPE OF THE BOAT YOU WANT - know whether you want a sailboat, catamaran or motorboat - depending on your needs and interests. If you are not sure, ask your charter agent. Each type of vessel has advantages and disadvantages. Monohull sailboat brings up the excitement of the real sailing as it heels but has less space compared with the catamaran. On the other hand, the catamaran is more spacious and stable, sailing experience is different than a monohull. If sailing is boring for you and you like to cross long distances in a short time then a motor yacht is the right choice for you.


4. BOOK YOUR BOAT ON TIME - take your First-minute discounts and do not wait for the Last minute because probably the boat you wanted is already booked. Early booking discounts last till the end of January and they vary from 5-15%. Most attractive and newer boats usually get booked earlier. 


5. DO YOU NEED A SKIPPER - know if you need a skipper or not - if you are an experienced sailor and have a valid nautical license, you probably do not need a skipper. If you sail for the first time or you are not sure of your sailing skills or you just want to have a pleasant vacation without the stress, we recommend taking a local skipper who knows the place, sea, local weather, good restaurants and hidden beaches.


6. PORT FEES - the port fees vary and the amount depends on the size and length of the vessel. Catamarans usually pay 1/2 or double price of the port fee as they require twice as much space. 


7. ANNOUNCE YOUR ARRIVAL AT THE PORT - in the season most of the ports are full in the early afternoon so you might announce your arrival to the port if it's possible but it is recommended to get to the port earlier in a day.


8. SHOPPING FOR THE CHARTER WEEK - do your shopping for the upcoming week before embarkation - food, drinks and non-food items. Make sure that you have enough water. You will probably have to do some shopping during the week and in every place you have a supermarket or a local market. Sometimes you can even do your shopping from a floating market.


9. TRACK THE WEATHER FORECAST - track the weather forecast and plan your trips accordingly to it. Respect the nature. If the weather conditions are not stable don't force it. Croatia is known for its Bura wind, a northeast very strong wind characteristic in winter time, from October till April but sometimes during the summer time.  Nevera wind is more possible in the summer, it comes very quick from the open sea and even it lasts for a brief time it is very powerful. Nowadays you have plenty of weather application that are very reliable.


10. DON'T WORRY - you packed your bags, you packed everything you need so there is only one thing left to do - LEAVE YOUR WORRIES AT HOME AND ENJOY YOUR SAILING VACAY.